PHSX 499: Senior Capstone Seminar Autumn 2018

Supervisor: Paul Janzen
Office: CHCB 121
Office hours: M 1:00 - 3:00, W 10:00 - 12:00, F 2:00 - 3:00, and by appointment
Phone: 243-2374

Seminars: Friday 3:10 - 4:00 in CHCB 231
Practice Seminars: TBD
Credits: 1


The goal of this class is to develop your ability to make an oral presentation of physics or astronomy research. You will also practise giving feedback to someone else giving a talk.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you should:


Each student is required to give a 50-minute presentation (including time for questions) on physics or astronomy research the student has conducted. The research can be undertaken in a number of forms, as will be explained in the first meeting. In addition, each student will give a practice talk the week of her/his seminar and receive feedback from the supervisor and other students.

Attending Presentations

Each student is required to give feedback to at least four other students when the other students give practice talks. Practice talks will normally be given earlier in the week before the seminar, at a time TBD. Please be aware of this when planning your weekly schedules. If your schedule presents a problem such that you will not be able to make four practice talks, let me know.

In addition, students are required to attend at least six Friday seminars, and are further encouraged to attend all seminars, in support of your classmates.

Available Autumn Seminar Dates

September 28 October 19 November 16
October 5 October 26 November 23
October 12 November 2 December 7

(Spring semester has 8+ seminar slots as well.)


Credit is based on the completion of the requirements.
This course can be taken for credit/no-credit only.

Students may use Cyberbear to drop courses through the first 15 instructional days of the semester. Beginning the 16th instructional day of the semester through the 45th instructional day, students use paper forms to drop, add and make changes of section, grading option or credit. PHSX 499 can be taken only as credit/no-credit.

All students must practise academic honesty. Academic misconduct is subject to an academic penalty by the course instructor and/or a disciplinary sanction by the University. All students need to be familiar with the Student Conduct Code. The Code is available for review online at

Students with disabilities may request reasonable modifications by contacting me. The University of Montana assures equal access to instruction for students with disabilities in collaboration with instructors and Disability Services for Students, which is located in Lommasson Center 154. The University does not permit fundamental alterations of academic standards or retroactive modifications.

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